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We take a deep dive into the benefits of “Design Thinking” (DT) that could be useful for current paradigm like Agile, which are critical for addressing new technologies adoption. Clients are clear about the business outcome they want, but unclear about ways to achieve it. We believe Infosys’ push toward DT could help them understand the clients’ need and business requirements by posing questions to clients.


Design Thinking – Asking the right questions to clients:

DT can be regarded as problem solving methods. In DT, a large part of the problem solving activity comprises of defining and shaping the problem. The effort is to ask questions like “What? How? Why?” to lead to creative solutions of the problem. The problem solver is cognizant of technical feasibility while contemplating the business problem. Design Thinking’s interrogative approach helps formulating the clients’ problem with deep understanding of the clients’ business need.


Agile – Building a story around clients’ need:

Tech companies are using new paradigm like Agile, to provide solutions to enterprise as the paradigm evolves through collaboration cross‐functional team, adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response that are needed these days to understand the clients’ need. The understanding evolves with the multiple iterations with clients.


Disruptive Technologies – Time to market, clarity of thought, and use of new paradigms:

Emerging technologies are now a disruptor and it is becoming source of competitive advantage. But, the challenge for enterprise is to balance between investments in unproven strategy or wait for proven concepts. The opportunity to grab the first mover advantage poses the challenge of no clear definition of “What customer wants?” Hence, problem solving methodology of DT and quick iterative process of Agile proved to be critical.


Valuation & Recommendation – BUY & TP Rs 2,550:

Dr. SIkka is talking about moving away from “same mess for less” to “doing more with less for more” that require change in culture. Infosys’ focal‐points are on being mindful, curious, speak‐up and understand clients’ needs that are integral to Design Thinking.


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